About Sunntics

Sunntics is a highly specialised Software as a Service (SaaS) company delivering engineering solutions to optimise the design and performance of large scale Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants

Our vision

Concentrated Solar Power is the most cost-effective technology for harnessing the Sun’s power to supply electricity on demand

Our mission

Sunntics’ mission is to facilitate the growth of CSP tower technology by addressing a critical area not yet covered by commercially available engineering tools

What we do

Concentrated Solar Power is generated on a massive scale. It is dispatchableenvironmentally friendly and the most cost-effective way to generate electricity on demand

The engineering of solar fields for CSP tower plants is still an immature market. Up till now there were no commercially available tools to optimise the design and operation of a tower plant solar field.

Sunntics’ toolset fills this gap. It enables all parties involved in the project life cycle to create optimised solar field designs, optimise solar field operations, and assess expected plant performance at all stages of development.


SunnSaaS workflow for a Feasibility Study

Accurate, rapid, report-ready results

SunnSaaS for Sunntics is a browser-based tool that provides accurate results fast.

Its core is a set of algorithms that optimise CSP tower plant design and operation to minimise the Levelised Cost of Electricity. The algorithms use Artificial Intelligence techniques and scalable cloud computing to create optimal designs for multiple scenarios in parallel.

SunnSaaS produces clear, easy to read graphics and overviews that can be incorporated directly into a report, as well as comprehensive outputs that can be fed into other tools for further processing.


Maximum leverage from your scarce resources

The neat, uncluttered interface enables novice users to achieve rapid results while enabling more experienced engineers to access advanced features. SunnSaaS enables you to gain maximum leverage and productivity from assigned engineers as well as freeing up workstations required to run conventional on-site tools.



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